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Overwatch World Cup

Oct 29 - Nov 4th, 2023

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It's been a long three years, but the Overwatch World Cup is back with a bang, beginning on October 29! Since the last OWWC in 2019, a lot has changed, most of all Overwatch's metamorphosis into Overwatch 2, bringing a substantial meta shift that is certain to shake up the pecking order.

Only sixteen nations compete this year as Blizzard cautiously reintroduces the world back to Overwatch esports. With plenty of fresh, young talent faces and a new era of Overwatch, which team will claim the OWWC title for the first time since 2019? Only time will tell.

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Overwatch World Cup: History

Overwatch World Cup betting.

The Overwatch World Cup, or OWWC, is an annual international esports competition developed and organized by Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of Overwatch. It's the second professional Overwatch esports event, behind Overwatch League esports betting. The first OWWC took place in 2016, the same year Overwatch came out, as the Finals are held live at BlizzCon.

As a whole, the competition is designed to heavily promote the globally competitive nature of Overwatch and showcase the talent of Overwatch players from around the globe. The OWWC typically sees anything from 16 to 32 different countries competing, with players repping their home countries, allowing for more patriotic esports betting as fans tend to support their home regions.

Take a look below at each year's respective winners and the runners-up in 2nd place:

  • 2016: South Korea, 2nd: Russia
  • 2017: South Korea, 2nd: Canada
  • 2018: South Korea, 2nd: China
  • 2019: United States, 2nd: China

After 2019, Blizzard Entertainment took a long hiatus from the Overwatch World Cup due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused disruption to esports events worldwide. In 2023, the OWWC makes a triumphant return after a long three-year break. Will South Korea return to its dominant form, or will new Overwatch contenders emerge from the ashes?

OWWC 2023: Format and Schedule

The Overwatch World Cup returns on October 29.

Qualifying for the OWWC is a grueling and time-consuming process, taking up the majority of the year. From February through to June, there were several programs to determine the teams playing at the main event, including the Open Trials, Wild Card, and region-specific conferences for the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.

Eventually, 15 different countries have cemented their slots at the OWWC 2023 Group Stages. China has also received a direct invitation due to the current "dynamics in China" and their previous excellent performances at the event, resulting in a grand total of 16 teams in the 2023 Overwatch World Cup.

Take a look below for the format for OWWC 2023.

Group Stage (October 29 - November 1)

  • The Group Stage is played online at the Anaheim Convention Center.
  • The sixteen teams are split into four round-robin groups.
  • All matches are Ft2 (first to two)
  • The top eight teams advance to the live playoffs, while the bottom eight are eliminated.

Playoffs (November 3 - 4)

  • The Grand Finals are conducted in front of a live audience at the Anaheim Convention Center during Blizzcon.
  • All matches are played in a single-elimination bracket.

If you're looking for the exact schedule, take a look at our OWWC 2023 event overview, which includes all matches and the current standings.

OWWC 2023: Competing Countries

All 16 OWWC teams are split into four groups of four for the Group Stage.

Here are all sixteen teams competing in the Overwatch World Cup, including their player rosters. Some players are from famous Overwatch teams that feature heavily in the Overwatch League, like the Vancouver Titans, Hangzhou Spark, Florida Mayhem, and more!

Asia-Pacific Group

  • Australia: QIN, naahmie, Nanda, cuFFa, Punk, Bertlog, Ackyyy
  • China: Shy, leave, guxue, Twenty, Mmonk, lengsa, Faraway1987
  • Hong Kong: Despair, Kurumi, XIAOLIAN, R3K, AmCrazy, ManGoJai, IRP
  • Japan: Nico, Qki, Mihawk, KSG, Plankton, mint, Qloud
  • Thailand: HyVision, Ace, KallBun, Rodtunglnw, mush2oom, PaLee, oPuTo
  • South Korea: LIP, Sp9rkle, Hanbin, Fearless, Fielder, ChiYo, FiNN

Americas Group

  • Brazil: Ludwig, Svenko, TheSeriusGui, Dalca, neil, Nyohl, xfel
  • Canada: Seeker, Noxious, Astronexz, False, MagicM8Ball, Crimzo, cal
  • Colombia: dr0mr, Eqo, Eternal, SuperGomez, HappyAlonso, Mixvi, Hug
  • Mexico: Chobilux, Angelvolado, hysteria, Castled, Sopa, Paolette, Momo
  • United States: Hydron, Sugarfree, Danteh, Coluge, super, Rupal, Ultraviolet

Europe and Middle East Group

  • Finland: Sauna, Clowd, Lhcloudy, Vestola, Mickji, Olli, Masaa
  • France: Avo, NiCOgdh, Pak, BenBest, Poko, FDGod, reviewz
  • Saudi Arabia: Youbi, Quartz, YZNSA, KSAA, Haku, SirMajed, One
  • Spain: Punk, Loren, CrazyDragon, Helv, heaveNN, Galaa, Khanail
  • United Kingdom: Backbone, WMaimone, Kai, JkAru19, Smex, Kronus, FunnyAstro

OWWC 2023: Favorites To Win

Team USA won the 2019 Overwatch World Cup.

All eyes are on Team USA, Team South Korea, and Team China as the solid favorites in this year's Overwatch World Cup. All three teams have seen success in previous years, but which one will claim the win this year?

OWWC 2023: How To Watch

All matches in the Overwatch World Cup matches will be available on both Twitch and YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Blizzard has also recently signed with several online partners and streamers, so have a look on Twitch and see if your favorite streamers are hosting OWWC watch parties!

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Overwatch World Cup: Betting Tips

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Study the game's professional circuit

Although Overwatch only has the Overwatch League on its esports calendar, it can still provide you with some useful information when placing your bets, like who the top players are, what are the best team comps, etc.

Do your homework

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Gamble Responsibly

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FAQs about Overwatch Betting

FAQs about Overwatch betting

How does Overwatch betting work?

Betting on Overwatch has never been easier. Just make an account with us (provided you're in a registered jurisdiction), find the match or tournament you want to bet on, select your bets, make your deposit, and ship your stake!

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Of course! Our website is completely mobile-friendly, so you can bet on the action of the OWWC from your smartphone. If you're in Ontario, you're in luck, as we have an app just for you! Just search "Rivalry - Esports Betting" on the App Store and get downloading.

What is the prize pool for the OWWC 2023?

The prize pool for the OWWC 2023 has yet to be announced, as it is 25% funded by in-game bundles purchased by Overwatch 2 players. The prize pool for OWWC 2019 was $90,000 overall.

Who are the favorite teams to win OWWC 2023?

South Korea has historically seen the most success at the Overwatch World Cup, often either winning or coming second. Team Canada, Team USA, and Team China are also some teams that players should keep their eyes on, boating several pro-players from the OWL in their ranks. However, with many roster switches and professional players retiring, there's everything to play for at OWWC 2023.

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