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ESL Pro League Season 17

Prize Pool
Feb 22 - Mar 26th, 2023

Betting on ESL Pro League Season 17 - Guide by Rivalry

Even a decade after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's release in 2012, it still proves popular. Its growth is only continuing after becoming free-to-play on Steam. CS:GO also continues to dominate Twitch viewership figures, reaching around 200K concurrent viewers daily, which only increases when there is an ongoing professional tournament like the ESL Pro League.

What is ESL Pro League?

ESL Pro League Season 17 betting

The ESL Pro League is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional esports league produced by the Electronic Sports League, otherwise known as ESL. The ESL Pro League is considered the premier professional CS:GO league and the pinnacle of esports, bringing tons of viewers with every televised/live-streamed tournament.

ESL Pro League is based on four international regions: Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. There are 24 competing teams, including 12 permanent partner teams, who battle for the coveted ESL Pro League trophy and the jaw-dropping prize pool.

The inaugural season of the ESL began on May 5, 2015. Two permanent partner teams hold the most titles, Fnatic and Astralis. The most recent champions were Team Vitality in ESL Pro League Season 16 in 2022, held at Salini Resort in Malta.

ESL Pro League Season 17 Betting

The seventeenth season of the long-running ESL Pro League tournament is a bi-annual event, with one season reserved for the Spring and Fall of each competitive year, so there is no shortage of excitement and plenty of betting opportunities!

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ESL Pro League Season 17 Schedule and Format

CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 17

The seventeenth season of ESL Pro League will begin on February 22. The tournament is hosted in Malta and will run for over a month, with the end date being March 26, 2023.

ESL Pro League has revamped their competitive format, coming into effect for Season 17 in 2023. The competition will be split into the Group Stage (February 22 - March 19) and the Playoffs (March 21 - 26). The Grand Finals will be on March 26.

Group Stage:

  • The 32 participating teams are divided into four triple-elimination groups. These groups have eight teams, lettered from A to D.


  • Features a classic single elimination bracket.
  • All matches follow a best-of-three series, apart from the Grand Final, which will have a best-of-five skirmish to keep fans on the edges of their seats.

ESL Pro League Season 17 Teams

CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 17 teams

A grand total of 32 teams will be competing, evenly distributed in four groups of eight teams eight, categorized from A to D.

The majority of the participating teams are Permanent Partner Teams. The remaining teams have gained slots through their ESL World Ranking or Regional Qualifiers. This includes the European Conference, North American Conference, South American Conference, Asian Conference, and Oceanic Conference, which all took place from January 16 to 20, 2023.

Here is the full roster for the ESL Pro League Season 17. 

Group A: Cloud9, Eternal Fire, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, G2 Esports, IHC Esports, MIBR, Outsiders,

Group B: BIG, Complexity, FURIA Esports, Heroic, Imperial Esports, MOUZ, Movistar Riders, SAW

Group C: 00 Nation, FaZe Clan, Grayhound, NIP, OG, paiN Gaming, Rooster, Team Vitality

Group D: Astralis, ATK, ENCE, forZe, NAVI, Rare Atom, Team Liquid, Team Spirit

ESL Pro League Season 17 Prize Pool

There is a reason why CS:GO is the crown jewel of esports. The prize pool for ESL Pro League Season 17 is a jaw-dropping USD $850,000 shared among the competing teams.

The outright winner will be crowned the champion, automatically qualify for the IEM Cologne 2023, and be rewarded with the lion's share of $200,000. Second-placed teams earn a modest $90,000, while third-place and fourth-place both get $50,000. The remainder of the prize money is divvied between the remaining teams based on their overall placement.

How to watch all ESL Pro League Season 17 matches

ESL Pro League Season 17 will be live-streamed exclusively through Twitch as their broadcast partner. There are two live streams, A as the primary streaming channel and B as the secondary Both are linked for convenience, so you don't miss a second of the action.

Anyone who has missed the live-streamed matches can catch them via the ESLCS YouTube channel. You can also watch all the highlights and interviews, which can be handy when making betting decisions.

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ESL Pro League Betting Tips

CS:GO ESL Pro League Betting Tips

Starting your ESL Pro League betting journey can be daunting. Even if you know your way around the esports betting markets, there can still be room for improvement.

Luckily, we have some ESL Pro League betting tips every esports gambler should use to start winning some cash instantly.

Watch Old Streams

If your favorite team is competing against an unknown team you don't know much about, make sure to check out their match history by watching previous games on YouTube.

Knowledge is power in the esports betting sphere - having as much information as possible is the best way to make informed betting predictions, so do your research!

Google Is Your Friend

We try to keep our news page as up-to-date as possible. However, as we are primarily the best CS:GO betting site, our focus is helping esports bettors place wagers on their favorite games.

Read our news blog, google player's individual stats, watch their YouTube channels, and even stalk their social media pages to see roster changes. Gather all the relevant information you need from the players and ESL Pro League experts before placing your bets.

CS:GO ESL Betting FAQs

CS:GO ESL Pro League FAQs

Is betting on CS:GO legal?

Yes! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting practices are completely legal, so rest assured that all bets placed with Rivalry are 100% legal and fully compliant with the law. We are a fully licensed and regulated betting site registered under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. 

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Can I bet on ESL from my mobile device?

We recognize that many of our users and CS:GO ESL bettors may choose to place bets from their mobile devices. Your safety is always our #1 priority, so you can safely place bets on the go with Rivalry.

Who are the best ESL Pro League Teams?

The ESL Pro League is an intense esports tournament. With the group stage still ongoing and the world rankings changing constantly, it may be impossible to definitively say who the top teams are and depends on each given match. Those that are a permanent partner team tend to have performed better in the past.

According to ESL's official website, HEROIC and G2 Esports are the top two teams, with only 3 points separating them, followed by Team Liquid in third place.

What are the current ESL Pro League Season 17 results?

Our news blog will feature an article discussing all the latest information about the ESL Pro League Season 17 as and when it happens. It will feature recent matches and the correct score boards for each team.

How can I deposit?

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