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IESF World Championship 2023

Prize Pool
Aug 26 - Sep 3rd, 2023
Iași, Romania

DOTA 2 IESF World Championship Betting | Bet on DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a classic and revered name in the professional esports sphere. The International Esports Federation brings DOTA to new heights, as the 2023 DOTA 2 IESF World Championship is just around the corner, starting on August 26.

This international action-packed competition brings the best professional DOTA 2 players to Romania, representing their home nations. Speaking in the universal language of competition and team rivalry, the sixteen teams will battle on stage. The convergence of diverse cultures, unique strategies, and a hunger to win, brings forth an esports spectacle guaranteed to have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Keep reading for the format for the 2023 IESF, all the teams competing, and our expert betting tips for the DOTA 2 IESF World Championship.

What is the IESF World Championship?

DOTA 2 IESF World Championship Betting

The IESF is a global organization that promotes and develops esports worldwide, popularizing esports and working to have it recognized as a legitimate sport. The federation was founded in 2008 by nine esports associations from Denmark, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Switzerland. As of 2023, there are now 140 nations involved in the IESF.

The first official IESF competition was held in South Korea in 2009, where FIFA Online was the only game played. Since then, the IESF World Championship has been held annually in different countries with a steadily growing offering of competitive esports.

The 2023 IESF World Championship features several big names in the esports scene, with six different esports titles. There is CS:GO, Tekken 7, eFootball, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and most importantly, DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 has been offered at IESF competitions since 2014, and has been a series staple. Indonesia is the previous year's winner of the DOTA 2 aspect of the IESF, and it will be interesting to see if their success translates to 2023.

DOTA 2 IESF World Championship 2023: Schedule and Format

The DOTA 2 IESF World Championship compacts a super intense tournament into just nine days of pure action, designed to push to boundaries of each team, weeding out the weak from the strong.

Beginning with the Group Stage on August 26, there will be a single round-robin format where all 16 competing teams are divided into four groups of four teams.

Each group's first and second-placed teams move on to the Playoffs, while the remaining teams are eliminated. The Playoffs begin on August 27 until September 3. Eight teams will compete in a double elimination bracket, where all matches are best-of-three.

DOTA 2 IESF World Championship 2023: Teams

Indonesia raising their trophy after winning the 2022 DOTA 2 IESF World Championship.

The sixteen DOTA 2 IESF World Championship 2023 participants include Romania as the host nation, the previous year's winners Indonesia, and fourteen teams from different regional qualifiers around the world.

Check out our dedicated DOTA 2 IESF World Championship event overview for each nation's complete player rosters, where we also have the full schedule.

  • Argentina
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • United States

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DOTA 2 IESF World Championship betting.

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DOTA 2 IESF Betting Tips

DOTA 2 IESF World Championship betting tips.

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FAQs about DOTA 2 IESF betting

DOTA 2 IESF World Championship betting FAQs.

Is betting on IESF World Championship legal?

Yes! Placing bets on any competition in the IESF World Championship, including DOTA 2, is 100% legal. We are fully authorized and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Make an account with Rivalry today and join the exciting world of esports betting!

What is the prize pool for the DOTA 2 IESF World Championship 2023?

The DOTA 2 portion of the IESF World Championship 2023 is set to have a modest prize pool of $100,000, with the lion's share of $50,000 awarded to the winning team. The remaining $50,000 is divided between the runners-up - second place gets $30,000, while third gets $20,000.

Where can I watch DOTA 2 IESF 2023 games?

All DOTA 2 IESF 2023 matches will be broadcast live on the official IESF Twitch channel.

Who is the favorite nation to win the DOTA 2 IESF World Championship 2023?

Since Indonesia won the 2022 DOTA 2 IESF World Championship, they are the firm favorite to become a double threat in 2023. Other strong countries include the Philippines, which came second last year, the United States, and Bulgaria.

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