Free Fire is a battle royale taking the world by storm, and always has its player base in mind. That's why Free Fire developers periodically release brand-new Free Fire redeem codes for players to use and claim bonus in-game goodies like weapon crates, diamonds, gold, emotes, and more!

While these codes won't magically guarantee you a win in this battle royale title, who can resist a freebie? Read to find out how to claim your Garena Free Fire Max codes and get free rewards. 

How to Redeem Codes for Free Fire

First, you must know how and where to redeem your Garena Free Fire Max freebie codes. Luckily, redeeming your Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes only takes a few minutes and doesn't require you to install the game!

Just follow these steps below to quickly claim your redeem codes on the official Free Fire redemption site:

  1. Visit the official rewards redemption site, found here.
  2. Log in using your Garena Free Fire account credentials.
  3. Copy and paste the redeem code you wish to use into the dialogue box.
  4. Now enjoy your Free Fire rewards! Please note that Gold or Diamonds are added to your account wallet automatically, and other in-game items will be in the Vault tab of the battle royale title—notification of your rewards will be shown within the in-game mail section.

All Garena Free Fire Codes

These alpha-numerical codes are all case-sensitive, so type them in carefully, making sure to use the correct capital letters and numbers. You can always copy and paste them from the list below, as they're already in the correct format.

These Free Fire codes are also extremely time-limited, only lasting around 12-48 hours, so redeem them ASAP before they become invalid!

Here are all the available Free Fire redeem codes from February 8, 2024: 

  • P2K7F9W4R8V3P0BJ
  • W6F3R9K7W2V80PBJ
  • H5R8K9F3W7V20PBJ
  • Q3F6W8K4R9V07PBJ
  • M7R4F9W2K8V3PB8J
  • L8W3F6R9V2K7P8BJ
  • C4R7GEDRT5GHE563
  • D9F2W6R7V3K80PBJ
  • X5R8F3W9K7V82PBJ
  • C8F3W6R9K7V2PDBJ
  • B5W8F4R7K9V3PBDJ
  • N3R6F9W7K2V8PCBJ
  • D9F2K7R4W8VX6PBJ
  • X4R9K3F7W6V8PZBJ

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that some of the above codes may have regional server restrictions or could have already expired, as their expiry dates are unknown. Rivalry is not responsible for any redemption codes that have already expired. 

Final Thoughts

Those were all the available Free Fire codes for February 2024. We'll update this article regularly with all the latest codes and remove expired codes, so stay tuned!

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Free Fire Redeem Codes FAQs

What are Garena Free Fire Max Codes? 

Garena Free Fire redeem codes are freebie codes given out by Garena and the developer, 111dots Studio. Comprising of 12-character alphanumeric combinations, Free Fire redeems codes are designed to help players by giving them in-game items and boosting their gameplay experience. 

What rewards do you get from Free Fire codes? 

Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes can give you plenty of free goodies in-game, including weapon crates, emotes, gold, diamond vouchers, pets, and more! Just make sure to redeem them ASAP to capitalize on the rewards.

How long do Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes last? 

If you want to redeem a Free Fire code, you must be quick! These codes usually only last for around 12-48 hours before becoming expired. Their time-limited aspect adds a thrilling element when redeeming codes.

How do I find Garena Free Fire Max codes? 

As always, you can bookmark this article and check back for an up-to-date list of all currently active Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes. You can also follow the official Garena Free Fire Max social media accounts, where they post all their active codes: